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Activities and Forum

Forums and Conferences

Past events 12-14, Jun 2012 General Education and Universities Curriculum Reform: An International Conference in Hong Kong
  19 November 2009 Fulbright Scholars’ Visit to HKUST


"Meeting with Artists" Series

Past events 9 May 2012 Demonstration on Tap Dance
  19 Apr 2012 Sharing Session on Junk Wood Sculpture
  8 Mar 2012 Demonstration on Ceramic
  Feb 2012 Pinhole Camera Workshop
  12 Jan 2012 Sharing Session on Illustration
  7 Dec 2011 Demonstration on Prop and Headdress Design
  24 Nov 2011 Sharing Session on Stop Motion


"Educational Exchange with Scholars" Series

Past events 29 Mar 2012 Make the Connection! Common Core Education and the "Real" World
  8 Mar 2012 Facilitating Teaching, Learning and Assessment by doing MORE Student Evaluation


Inter-institution Undergraduate Course Sharing Program

Past event May-Jul 2012 Inter-institution Undergraduate Course Sharing Program with Lingnan University


Lectures, Workshops and Seminars

Past events 24 Oct 2012
  Mar 2011 From Ideas to Reality
  Mar 2011 Self Leadership Starts From Owning Your Time
  Mar 2010 Guqin Demonstration Lectures