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Transfer of Credits into the Common Core

The University may grant transfer credits to students in recognition of studies completed elsewhere than HKUST at an appropriate level as recognized by the University, including courses taken at the host institution during the exchange-out period. Applications to transfer credits into the Common Core are handled by the Undergraduate Core Education (UCE) Team, Office of the Provost.

Provisional Assessment (only for students on out-bound exchanges)

To facilitate students in selecting courses at the exchange institution, students may apply for provisional assessment of credit transfer into common core or designated general education courses before they leave HKUST for the exchange.

It is not a final approval of credit transfer. Students may choose not to apply for a provisional assessment. It is not a required step for applying for credit transfer. This assessment is not applicable to students who have returned from the exchange.

Provisional Assessment of Credit Transfer
(Common Core / GE Courses)

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The provisional assessment merely indicates, based on documents submitted at application, whether the course to be taken outside HKUST may be counted towards a common core area or a school-based GE course.

The application form, together with course description and class schedule information, should be submitted to the major department for endorsement before submitting it to the UCE Team for an assessment.

Formal Application Procedure

Formal applications for credit transfer must be submitted using the Form GR-14 obtainable from the Academic Records and Registration Office (ARRO)/major department. Applicants should identify HKUST courses equivalent to courses taken elsewhere whenever possible on the application form. Follow application process as announced by the ARRO.

Transfer of credit can be in form of course-credit transfer, where a transferred course is equivalent to a specific course in the HKUST course catalog; or credit-only transfer, where only credits are transferred.

Transfer credits granted will not be included in the calculation of grade averages, unless prior arrangements have been made.