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Course Lists

Designated General Education Courses for Students Admitted in 2009-10 or before

Students entering in 2009-10 or before are required to take designated general education courses (GEE courses) offered by Schools other than their enrolling School. (Note: GEE courses are not applicable to student admitted to the preparatory year of the 120-credit programs in 2009-10, who should take common core courses listed for the 2010-11 intake instead.)

General Education (GE) Requirement for students admitted in 2009-10 or before

The list of GEE courses designated for the 2012-13 academic year are as follows:

(*Note: From Fall 2010 onwards, HUMA and SOSC courses at or below 300-level are no longer automatically listed as GE courses. This means that some HUMA and SOSC courses may no longer be a designated GE course and cannot be used to meet the GE requirements.)

Useful Notes for Selecting GEE courses


Updated: July 2012