Course Development

Faculty members, schools, departments, teaching teams and units are welcome to submit course proposals for any common core areas of the Common Core Program, except English Communication and Chinese Communication. The Center for Language Education (CLE) is the only unit to provide courses for the English Communication common core area. Both the CLE and the School of Humanities and Social Science may present courses for the Chinese Communication common core area. Non-academic units interested in submitting common core course proposals need to be partnered with an academic unit in course development and delivery.

A proposal can be a new course, or developed from an existing course. Course proposals are to be submitted using the “Approval of Undergraduate Course” form (downloadable from Besides basic course information such as title and credits, the form will ask for the following information to be provided:

  • (a)
    proposed common core area;
  • (b)
    course objectives, learning outcomes, content and topics, teaching and learning activities;
  • (c)
    course materials and resources; and
  • (d)
    assessment methods.

General Criteria for Common Core Courses

Studio Arts Courses

School-Sponsored Courses (SSCs)

Potential Topics for New Course Development

Guideline on the Level of the Courses to be Included in the Common Core

Guideline on Using Chinese as the Teaching Medium in H&SS Common Core Courses

Schedule for Submitting Course Proposals