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Txtng Is Killing Language. JK!!!
LOL, JK, Slash, even haha are used so often in texting. Many people, even experts, think that it is an assault to the language we have, by creating words that do not make sense or destroying the or...
[source: TED, Feb 2013]
16/05/2013 Psychology & Persons
What Fear Can Teach Us
Everyone has his own experience about fear, no matter he is a kid, a parent, a teacher, or even a king. People always see having fear is a weakness and it is something you could overcome. Some peop...
[source: TED, Jan 2013]
17/04/2013 Psychology & Persons
This Teenager Just Made Millions Off Yahoo
Yahoo has announced in March 2013 to acquire the news-reading app Summly, reported to be for a handsome price of US$30 million. The app was created by Nick D’Aloisio when he was only 15 to improv...
[source: Bloomberg, Mar 2013]
03/04/2013 Science & Technology
Fake It Till You Make It; And Fake It Till You Become It
Body language is a way of expressing the self. It is important to be conscious of our own body language, postures and gestures in order to deliver the right message. We show who we are with our bod...
[source: TED, Oct 2012]
20/03/2013 Psychology & Persons
I, Pencil
Can you imagine something as small and common as a pencil, embedded with so many subtle links with contributions from so many people around the globe? In the making of this pencil, raw materials ha...
[source:, Nov 2012]
04/02/2013 Psychology & Persons
Looking For A Dream House? Here You Are, King's Cube
Housing is an acute and pressing problem for many people in Hong Kong. For sure no one would prefer living in a unit as small as the King's Cube. Neither would they like to reside in remote areas w...
[source: King's Cube, Jul 2011]
04/02/2013 Societal, Economic & Political