Looking For A Dream House? Here You Are, King's Cube
A small, poor sub-divided unit in Shamshuipo sarcastically and mockingly presented as a luxurious apartment

Housing is an acute and pressing problem for many people in Hong Kong. For sure no one would prefer living in a unit as small as the Kings Cube. Neither would they like to reside in remote areas without convenient transportation system. Housing is not a unique problem for Hong Kong; it is also noted in many big cities like Tokyo, Beijing, New York etc. If at all possible, we all hope to live in a large, comfortable unit close to our workplace. How do people elsewhere cope with such need?

As university students, how should we get started to buy our own house? Should we try to save as much as we can to get prepared for the first purchase? Or, should we count on the government to provide us with a decent living place? How much should the government shoulder the responsibility for providing housing to its people? How much resource would the government need to spare to fulfill such a responsibility? Is purchasing an apartment a way of investment, or are people targeting at a place called home? As a citizen of Hong Kong, most of us being descendents of immigrants, what can we do to help those who are in need - those who cannot afford high rental or expensive traveling costs?