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Want to see the future of shopping? Look to China
Have you ever purchased something from Taobao? I bet this is a yes for most of us.
[source: CBC Radio, Jan 2018]
30/04/2018 Societal, Economic & Political
What Is Your Dream Job?
Tourism Australia recently offers some "dream jobs" to help boost its tourism, all six-month salary packages worth AUD$100,000! Every semester, HKUST Career Center holds a career mosaic on campus. ...
[source:, Mar 2013]
25/04/2013 Psychology & Persons;
Societal, Economic & Political
Individual Visit Scheme - More, or Fewer?
The Individual Visit Scheme (<港澳個人遊>,通稱<自由行>) was launched in July 2003 to help boost the Hong Kong economy after the SARS outbreak from March to June in that year. Since then...
[source: SCMP, Nov 2012]
14/03/2013 Societal, Economic & Political
Tina Seelig's What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20
What are your goals when you enter your 20s? Would you feel excited or scared as you are going into major life transitions: leaving the school (a well-protected environment), handling the freedom a...
[source:, Oct 2010]
18/02/2013 Psychology & Persons;
Societal, Economic & Political
Looking For A Dream House? Here You Are, King's Cube
Housing is an acute and pressing problem for many people in Hong Kong. For sure no one would prefer living in a unit as small as the King's Cube. Neither would they like to reside in remote areas w...
[source: King's Cube, Jul 2011]
04/02/2013 Societal, Economic & Political
Universities Reshaping Education on the Web
New online course offerings from some of the most prestigious universities are gradually changing the higher education landscape. Elite institutions like Harvard and Stanford have rolled out multim...
[source: The New York Times, Jul 2012]
04/02/2013 Societal, Economic & Political