Committee on Undergraduate Core Education

The CUCE is the principal body for managing the common core program. As a sub-committee of the Senate Committee on Undergraduate Studies, it is responsible for reviewing and approving courses in accordance with the guiding principles, criteria and learning outcomes appropriate to the delivery of the common core program objectives. It coordinates the offering of courses and activities for the common core program, recommend implementation and other support for the common core program, and monitor the quality of their delivery.

Program Administration

The CUCE is supported by the Undergraduate Core Education Team of the Office of Academic Quality and Undergraduate Studies. It is responsible for the planning, development and the delivery of the common core program, recommending to the CUCE policies and regulations in regard to the common core program and overseeing their implementation. It will also assist the CUCE in works for assuring the quality and performance of the common core curriculum and for recognizing excellence in the teaching of common core courses.

In encouraging collaboration among faculty and supporting innovations in the design of pedagogies and assessment, forum, workshops or support groups will be organized to facilitate exchange of teaching experience and new ideas among the faculty members.

Through publicizing the common core program among students and providing guidance to them in selecting common core courses, the team hopes to trigger students’ thought about what university education means to them, and arouse their interests in pursuing studies beyond their major field of study. A small team of staff is dedicated to the development and presentation of practicum arts courses and co-curricular activities, which aim to bring to students hands-on experience with a variety of art forms and the opportunity to learn to express themselves through different forms of artistic expressions.

Staff in the UCE Team