Learning Outcomes

The Common Core Program in the four-year degree curriculum comprises a set of credit requirements in the following broad core areas, totaling 36 credits (out of a total of 120-126 credits):

Common Core Areas Credits Note
Required Elective
Humanities (H) 6 * 6 * 3 credits must be from H SSCs
Social Analysis (SA) 6 * * 3 credits must be from SA SSCs
Science and Technology (S&T) 6 * * 3 credits must be from S&T SSCs
Quantitative Reasoning (QR) 3
Arts 0
English Communication 6 ** Nil **Must be taken in the 1st year of study
Chinese Communication 3 Nil
Healthy Lifestyle Non-credit Nil
Total credits required 36 SSCs = School-Sponsored Courses

Each common core area has clearly defined learning outcomes that are presented as statements of what students might be able to do as a result of their learning experience in the relevant common core courses.

Introducing the school-sponsored courses (SSC) into the Common Core Program as one of its requirements is a new initiative for the four-year undergraduate curriculum. Intended to be hallmark courses of the offering Schools and be representative of the uniqueness and values of the Schools, plentiful resources have been earmarked and devoted to developing these courses. Students can expect a distinct educational experience from these courses that are inter-disciplinary in nature, transcending single disciplines and integrating different subject areas – a design that fits well with the objectives of the Common Core Program.

School-sponsored courses are usually taught by experienced faculty. The carefully designed content and pedagogy will not only impart knowledge to students, but more importantly also spark their interest and passion to explore and create knowledge by themselves. The experience of learning with our faculty will be truly rewarding. Read more about SSCs.

All undergraduates studying the 4-year curriculum will complete the same set of common core requirements regardless of their major discipline of study. Students are expected to complete the majority of the common core credits in Year 1 and 2. The 6 credits of English Communication are to be taken in the first year.