Common Core Area
Intended Learning Outcomes to be achieved
  • Analyze and evaluate significant historical, cultural and social phenomena using the theories and methods of the humanities and related disciplines; and
  • Understand human endeavors and appreciate their creative expressions.
  • Appreciate the theory, history and practice of the arts; and
  • Express themselves through various art forms or media.
Social Analysis
  • Analyze key societal and behavioral issues by applying relevant social scientific approaches in different contexts; and
  • Communicate a concern about key societal issues as responsible citizens
Science and
  • Comprehend and apply the basic principles of science and methods of scientific inquiry; and
  • Evaluate the social and philosophical implications of scientific discoveries and technological development
Quantitative Reasoning
  • Use mathematical models or quantitative methods to formulate, analyze and solve problems that they encounter in their daily and professional lives; and
  • Choose an appropriate method to represent and process a given set of quantitative data and to draw inferences from such data in a systematic and logical way
English Communication
  • Use English to achieve communicative purposes appropriate to the academic and social context.
Chinese Communication
  • Students with Chinese background will be able to use Putonghua and Standard Written Chinese to achieve communicative purposes appropriate to the context, be it academic, social or professional;
  • Students with non-Chinese background will be able to achieve basic communicative purposes in Putonghua.
Healthy Lifestyle
  • Recognize the importance of physical, psychological, social, and occupational wellness;
  • Develop strategies to manage their lives; and
  • Acquire new sports skills and maintain a higher level of physical wellness through a variety of activities