Common Core Requirements -
For students admitted in 4-Year Programs

The University Common Core of the 4-Year undergraduate degree curriculum comprises 36 credits in total. Students are required to take the specified number of credits from the following areas:

Common Core Areas Credits Note
Required Elective
Humanities (H) 6 * 6 * 3 credits must be from H SSCs
Social Analysis (SA) 6 * * 3 credits must be from SA SSCs
Science and Technology (S&T) 6 * * 3 credits must be from S&T SSCs
Quantitative Reasoning (QR) 3
Arts 0
English Communication 6 ** Nil **Must be taken in the 1st year of study
Chinese Communication 3 Nil
Healthy Lifestyle Non-credit Nil
Total credits required 36 SSCs = School-Sponsored Courses

All undergraduates will complete the same set of requirements regardless of their major discipline of study. They are expected to complete the majority of the common core credits in Year 1 and 2. The 6 credits of English Communication are to be taken in Year 1.

Completing the requirements

Students complete the common core requirement by selecting courses from the set of courses listed for the respective common core area, and complete them in the academic year in which they are so listed. Changes may be made to the common core course lists from year to year; as a result, some courses may be added to the list and some removed.

Before course registration, students should check the list of common core courses to ensure that they are selecting the current set of courses to satisfy the common core requirement. Students may also find out from these lists whether a course taken in previous years can be used to satisfy the common core requirements.

Regulations for the University Common Core