Common Core Curriculum

The Common Core Program is a key part of the undergraduate education, complementing studies in specialist disciplines and other learning opportunities.

The Common Core requirements are common to all undergraduate programs. All undergraduates will complete the same set of requirements regardless of their major discipline of study.

The requirements comprise a total of 36 credits (out of 120-126 credits) to be elected from 8 broad core areas, of which 9 credits must be taken from school-sponsored courses (SSCs). Students are expected to complete the majority of the common core credits in Year 1 and 2. The 6 credits of English Communication are to be taken in the first year.

Introducing the SSCs into the Common Core Program as one of its requirements is a unique feature for the undergraduate curriculum. The objectives of the SSCs are to:

  • (a)
    exemplify the attainment of the Common Core goals in their course design, content, pedagogy and delivery;
  • (b)
    support the attainment of the desired attributes for HKUST graduates, ABC LIVE; and
  • (c)
    transcend disciplinary areas.

The carefully designed content and pedagogy will not only impart knowledge to students, but more importantly also spark their interest and passion to explore and create knowledge by themselves.

Completing the requirements

Students complete the common core requirements by selecting courses from the set of courses listed for the respective common core area, and complete them in the academic year in which they are so listed. Changes may be made to the common core course lists from year to year; as a result, some courses may be added to the list and some removed.

Before course registration, students should check the list of common core courses to ensure that they are selecting the current set of courses to satisfy the common core requirement. Students may also find out from these lists whether a course taken in previous years can be used to satisfy the common core requirements.

Common Core Course List
Regulations for the University Common Core