Common Core Area Learning Outcomes

Each common core area has clearly defined intended learning outcomes (ILOs). The area ILOs are presented as statements of what students should be able to do as a result of their learning experience in the relevant common core courses. They are aligned with the mission, goals and objectives of the Common Core Program.

The learning outcomes for each common core area are as follows.

Common Core and the Desired Attributes of HKUST Graduates

The University aims to provide education that help its undergraduate students to develop broad graduate attributes that are summarized as “ABC LIVE”: Academic excellence, Broad-based education, Competencies and capacity building, Leadership and teamwork, International outlook, Vision and an orientation to the future, and Ethical standards and compassion.

The goals, objectives and area ILOs of the Common Core Program tie in well with these desired attributes. In particular, the Common Core serves to provide additional academic breadth (B); support the development of high-level competencies (C); and to implement a pedagogy that promotes personal development, moral reasoning and citizenship (LIVE).