Goals and Objectives

The common core program aspires to serve these goals and objectives:

  • Spark passion for learning, broaden horizons and liberate the mind
  • Develop communication and analytical capacity and independent thinking
  • Foster appreciation of arts and culture, social issues, and scientific and technological precision
  • Encourage inquiry and ability to work as a team
  • Cultivate responsible, ethical and compassionate citizenship
  • Ensure balanced physical and intellectual growth

These goals and objectives tie in well with the University's desired attributes for undergraduate graduates: Academic excellence, Broad-based education, Competencies and capacity building, Leadership and teamwork, International outlook, Vision and an orientation to the future, and Ethical standards and compassion, which are often known by the acronym ABC LIVE:

In particular, the common core serves to provide additional academic breadth (B); support the development of high-level competencies (C); and to implement a pedagogy that promotes personal development, moral reasoning and citizenship (LIVE).

Through the common core program, our graduates will develop in themselves these values, attributes and goals:

  • Basic human values - caring and responsible citizenship, open-mindedness, integrity, and broad appreciation of and respect for diverse cultures;
  • General intellectual qualities - analytical and critical ability; problem-solving skills; broad general knowledge of arts, humanities, social issues, and scientific and technological advances;
  • Market competitiveness - willingness to accept challenges; linguistic, communication and computer skills; creativity, resourcefulness; social adaptability; ability to work independently and in collaboration;
  • Cultural appreciation of fine arts and aesthetics and
  • Physical and mental well-being.

These attributes are important and beneficial to graduates who will face challenges and take up responsibilities in an increasingly competitive and ever-changing environment after graduation.