I, Pencil

Can you imagine something as small and common as a pencil, embedded with so many subtle links with contributions from so many people around the globe? In the making of this pencil, raw materials have to be extracted from different countries then assembled together, the processes of which are supported by the efforts and contributions from teams and teams of people at different locations you may not have imagined before.

In our daily life, we are enjoying many conveniences and services which are made possible by the hard work from a network of people: the bus system, MTR, library loans, your daily meals, etc. Are we ready to contribute ourselves and play a part in the making of this a better world that everyone can enjoy living in? It does not matter whether we play a big or small part, and whether or not our efforts are recognized or not. Just do it; no one can deny or neglect your efforts.

Pause a moment and start to do a count of the things you have done to benefit the others and the world, for some good purposes, and things you do for the sake of gaining some recognition by others. Have you ever contributed solely for the sake of betterment of the community? You give then you take, namelessly or what not.