Fake It Till You Make It; And Fake It Till You Become It
Amy Cuddy: Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

Body language is a way of expressing the self. It is important to be conscious of our own body language, postures and gestures in order to deliver the right message. We show who we are with our body language. Our nonverbals not only affect how other people think and feel about us, but also affect how we think and feel about ourselves. Our minds change our behavior and our behavior changes our outcomes.

Amy Cuddy shared her interesting studies how changing our minds can change our behavior, and in turn our behavior can change our outcomes. In an experiment, people were asked to do high power poses and low power poses for 2 minutes. It was found that the level of risk tolerance was increased for people who did high power poses, and vice versa.

Fake it till you make it, as we often hear. When we go for opportunities like scholarship, internships, jobs, universities, we know we have to act according to the personal traits listed as requirements. When you lack the confidence to face a challenge or are on the verge of failures, “fake” your mind by keeping a strong belief in yourself that you can do that. You will be surprised how this belief can build up your confidence, allow you to persist and keep trying, and take you to success.

When we have a goal, task or challenge ahead of us, go and work for it, even though you are not that confident. Fake it till we make it, and fake it till we BECOME it. This is a possible way to help one feel powered under stressful situations.