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Want to see the future of shopping? Look to China
Have you ever purchased something from Taobao? I bet this is a yes for most of us.
[source: CBC Radio, Jan 2018]
30/04/2018 Societal, Economic & Political
10 Things Successful People Do When They Start a New Job
First impression is the most long-lasting. People will always remember the way you appeared when they first meet you. This article recommends tips on how to make a good start at a new workplace.
[source: Time, Jan 2018]
15/02/2018 Psychology & Persons
Waking up at 5 a.m. = More productive?
“Early bird catches the worm”. Yet, research study found that the most productive selves may actually have very little to do with the time we wake up.
[source: Money, Sep 2017]
15/11/2017 Psychology & Persons
Unlocking the New World of Work
What does freedom mean to you? Is the traditional 9-to-5 models of working still applicable to us?
[source: Entrepreneur, Jun 2017]
17/10/2017 Business & Ethics
Want to boost your creativity and be a better collaborator? Think about why the sky is blue
“Why is the sky blue?” This article offers innovative insights on how to re-ignite our enquiring minds.
[source: TED, Jul 2017]
28/09/2017 Psychology & Persons
You Probably Hate Your Job — But You Don’t Have To
Do you like your job? Gallup’s report revealed that 70% of U.S. employees are either “not engaged” or actively disengaged at work, or simply they hate their job. Imagine that they spend one t...
[source: Time, Jun 2013]
08/07/2013 Business & Ethics
Five Smart Questions One Should Ask During A Job Interview
"Are you busy with job hunting? This article offers some insights on smart questions to be asked during a job interview. I now realize that job interview is indeed a process to match wants: from yo...
[source: Business Weekly, Apr 2013]
24/05/2013 Psychology & Persons
Txtng Is Killing Language. JK!!!
LOL, JK, Slash, even haha are used so often in texting. Many people, even experts, think that it is an assault to the language we have, by creating words that do not make sense or destroying the or...
[source: TED, Feb 2013]
16/05/2013 Psychology & Persons