Common Core Course Excellence Award 2013

 The Common Core Course Excellence Award is presented each year
to recognize excellent common core courses and
to honor the instructional teams
who have contributed substantially to the development and delivery of these courses 

All students, alumni, faculty and staff are cordially invited to 
the Award Presentation Ceremony
to celebrate the success of these common core courses


8 May 2014 (Thursday)
12:00 - 1:00pm
Ping Yuen and Kinmay W Tang Gallery
Lee Shau Kee Library, HKUST

All are welcome


2013 Award

Technology and Innovation: 
Social and Business Perspectives
(ISOM 1380)

Offered by the Department of Information Systems,
Business Statistics and Operations Management

Instructional Team:
Prof Yongsuk Kim, Prof Jeevan Jaisingh, 
Prof Sejoon Hong and Mr Himson Wu

Officiating Guests

Prof Tony F CHAN

Prof K. Y. Michael WONG
Chairman, Committee on Undergraduate Core Education

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