Inter-institution Undergraduate Course Sharing Program 2018

Summer Courses Offered by Lingnan University for HKUST Students

Through this Inter-institution Undergraduate Course Sharing Program, all HKUST undergraduate students may take courses offered by the Lingnan University during the Summer 2018 (30 May - 10 August 2018). This is a good opportunity to experience university life on a different campus and at the same time earn credits without paying additional tuition fees.

Courses offered by Lingnan University for this program

Course Code and Title Credit Schedule & Venue
(Notes 1, 2 & 3)
+ CLA9009 Bilingual Studies in Humour

Language of Instruction: Chinese (Cantonese and Putonghua) and English


23 July - 10 August 2018
Mon - Fri: 09:30 - 12:30
LKK302, 3/F, Leung Kau Kui Building
This course examines the mechanism of humour production and appreciation, and the social functions and culture specificity of humour. Psychoanalytical, linguistic and social theories of humour will be sampled, and Chinese and English works of humour will be selected from producers with different cultural, poetological and ideological backgrounds. These texts will serve as models for the formulation of strategies for the writing and translating of works of humour.
+ CLB9006 Media Literacy 3 23 July - 10 August 2018
Mon - Fri: 09:30 - 12:30
LKK303, 3/F, Leung Kau Kui Building
This course provides students with the opportunity to develop an overall understanding of the complexity of mass media messages and their meanings in our everyday lives. Media literacy concerns both production and consumption of messages – writing, reading, speaking, listening. Emphasis is thus on developing critical skills to “read” media messages, and to reflect on the media industries which are responsible for producing these messages. It is expected that students, after taking this course, will develop basic skills to critically analyse the process of media making from different perspectives, including gender, cultural, and ethical ones. Through discussion, reading, group projects, role playing and other work, students will be expected to gain an understanding into the complex role of mass media in our culture’s development, and most importantly, our lives.
+CLE9028 Sexual Cultures in Asia

Restriction: This course is only available to students aged 18 or above
3 3 July - 20 July 2018
Mon - Fri: 09:30 - 12:30
LKK303, 3/F, Leung Kau Kui Building
This course examines how the changing sexual cultures in Asia pose a series of new questions to the previous articulation of gender-cum-sexual issues. With the help of new critical vocabularies/perspectives and ethical discourses, students will study the burgeoning sex markets and new sexual scenes in East Asia (including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and Korea) by focusing on popular cultural forms such as film, drama, animation, comic, entertainment industry and clubbing culture. They will reflect on these new sexual phenomena, in light of the current thinking in selected gender and sexuality discourses. Through reading, discussion, group work, and seminar, students will learn how to reflect critically on a range of new sexual forms, examine sexual diversities and varieties from multiple perspectives, and develop critical and creative understanding of the new inter-Asia sexualscape.
+PHI3105 Philosophy of Happiness 3 30 May - 9 July 2018
Tue & Thu: 09:30 - 13:00
LKK203, 2/F, Leung Kau Kui Building
What is happiness? How can we live a happy life? These questions have troubled philosophers, writers, religious leaders and other wise men since ancient times. In this course we will examine philosophical answers to the problem of human happiness from various times and places in human history. Since ideas don’t grow in the void, and thinkers also live embedded into human society, we will also try to see the connection between the historical and biographical context of the author and his or her theory of 6 happiness, before we discuss the application of the various concepts to our own lives of today. In order to enhance the directness of the experience, the course will be based almost entirely on the discussion of original reading material from various times and places (in English translation). Therefore participants must be willing to read, think about, and discuss the (sometimes lengthy) materials in class, including one complete (but short) novel.

  1. All classes will be conducted at the Lingnan University during 30 May - 10 August 2018. Final examination will be held on the last day of the classes.
  2. The class schedule for CLA9009 and CLB9006 are the same, students can only take either one course. The study period of CLE9028 and PHI3105 are overlapped, students can only take either one course.
  3. Maps and Transportation to Lingnan University:

Transfer of credits

Upon satisfactory completion of these courses, students will receive the credits awarded by the Lingnan University. They may apply to transfer the credits back to HKUST into the Common Core Program. CLA9009, CLB9006 and PHI3105 can be transferred into the Humanities common core area and CLE9028 into the Social Analysis common core area. Students should complete a credit-transfer application form and following the application procedures as published on the Academic Registry webpage ( Transfer credits will not be included in the calculation of grade averages.

Managing your workload and time schedule

Students who plan to take courses both at the HKUST and Lingnan University must ensure that there is no time conflict between courses enrolled in the two institutions, and allow sufficient time for commuting between the two campuses. Normally, students are expected to enroll in NOT more than 3 courses during the summer term.

Application and course registration

Application Period 21 March - 27 March 2018
Who Can Apply All current UG students who are eligible to enroll in courses at HKUST in Summer 2017-18 may apply. However, due to immigration regulations, non-local students holiding a student visa cannot enroll in this program and take courses in other local universities. Normally, students expecting to complete all graduation requirements at the end of Spring 2017-18 are not allowed to enroll in courses in Summer 2017-18.
How to Apply Complete the course registration form and submit it in person to Undergraduate Core Education Team, Center for Education Innovation (Room 6401, via lifts 25-26) on or before 27 March 2018. Each applicant may indicate up to 2 course choices on the form. Since course registration is done on a first-come-first-served basis, early submission of application is recommended.
Enrollment Limit Each student can enroll in a maximum of 2 courses only.
Announcement of Application Result Students will be informed of the successfully registered courses before 2 April 2018.
Tuition Fees No additional tuition fee will be charged for taking Lingnan University courses through this program.
Cancelation of Courses Lingnan University reserves the right to cancel any courses to be offered for this Program.
Deadline for Dropping Course The deadlines for dropping courses from this program are:
CLA9009 and CLB9006: 24 July 2018
CLE9028: 4 July 2018
PHI3105: 5 June 2018

Request to withdraw from a course after the deadline will not be accepted except under extenuating circumstances, and requires the endorsement of the Undergraduate Core Education Team, Center for Education Innovation and approval of the Lingnan University.


Ms Aerica Lee
Undergraduate Core Education Team
Center for Education Innovation
(Tel: 2358 5089 or Email: