Inter-institution Undergraduate Course Sharing Program 2017

Summer Courses Offered by Lingnan University for HKUST Students

Through this Inter-institution Undergraduate Course Sharing Program, all HKUST undergraduate students may take courses offered by the Lingnan University during the Summer 2017 (31 May - 6 July 2017). This is a good opportunity to experience university life on a different campus and at the same time earn credits without paying additional tuition fees.

Courses offered by Lingnan University for this program

Course Code and Title Credit Schedule & Venue
(Notes 1 & 2)
+ CLC9012 To Care About Our Society - Social


Tue & Thu: 14:00 - 17:30
SEK106, 1/F, Simon and Eleanor Kwok Building
Social marketing is a discipline that focuses on using commercial marketing concepts and techniques to influence behavior for delivering positive impacts for the society. This discipline has been making profound contributions to social issues in the areas of public health, injury prevention, community involvement, and more recently, financial well-bring. It is of particular relevance to Hong Kong or any other societies that is experiencing social challenges in the quest for sustainable growth. Students will be exposed to different social issues. Through a mix of lectures, class discussions, and group and individual projects, students will be equipped with the marketing concepts, tools and strategies to address different social issues. This course is offered in the spirit of taking responsibility for ourselves as well as caring for those around us. It therefore targets at students who concerned about social issues and passionate about bringing positive influence to the society.
+ HST1194 “Clashes of Civilisations” in Modern History:
   Value Confrontations between Asia and the West
3 Tue & Thu: 14:00 - 17:30
MBG11, Dr. and Mrs. Chiu Hin Kwong Lecture Room, G/F, Patrick Lee Wan Keung Academic Building
This course examines the interaction between Asian and Western value systems in modern history. Analysis will focus on particular historical moments when the interfacing of Asian and Western cultures caused conflict. By probing the reasons behind and perceptions of such conflict, the historical processes by which values are created, chosen, and maintained both within and between cultures will be explored.
+ SOC3001 Principles and Practice of Social Policy 3 Mon, Wed & Fri: 09:30 - 12:00
WYL106, 1/F, Dorothy Y. L. Wong Building
This module introduces students to the academic discipline of social policy. It provides an overview of key concepts and ideologies in social policy study, and outlines core areas of social provision with examples of policy goals, policy instruments and policy problems that exist within them. Although the main focus of the course is Hong Kong, social policies are considered within an international context and issues are examined using ideas, examples and evidence from across the globe.

  1. All classes will be conducted at the Lingnan University during 31 May - 6 July 2017. Final examination will be held on the last day of the classes.
  2. Maps and Transportation to Lingnan University:

Transfer of credits

Upon satisfactory completion of these courses, students will receive the credits awarded by the Lingnan University. They may apply to transfer the credits back to HKUST into the Common Core Program by completing a credit-transfer application form and following the application procedures as published on the Academic Registry webpage ( Granted transfer credits will not be included in the calculation of grade averages.

Managing your workload and time schedule

Students who plan to take courses both at the HKUST and Lingnan University must ensure that there is no time conflict between courses enrolled in the two institutions, and allow sufficient time for commuting between the two campuses. Normally, students are expected to enroll in NOT more than 3 courses during the summer term.

Application and course registration

Application Period 7 March - 13 March 2017
Who Can Apply All current UG students who are eligible to enroll in courses at HKUST in Summer 2016-17 may apply. Normally, students expecting to complete all graduation requirements at the end of Spring 2016-17 are not allowed to enroll in courses in Summer 2016-17.
How to Apply Complete the course registration form and submit it in person to Undergraduate Core Education, Academic Registry on or before 13 March 2017. Applicant may indicate up to 2 course choices on the form. Since course registration is done on a first-come-first-served basis, early submission of application is recommended.
Enrollment Limit Each student can enroll in a maximum of 2 courses only.
Announcement of Application Result Students will be informed of the successfully registered courses as early as possible, before 3 April 2017.
Tuition Fees No additional tuition fee will be charged for taking Lingnan University courses through this program.
Cancelation of Courses Lingnan University reserves the right to cancel any courses to be offered for this Program.
Deadline for dropping course The deadline for dropping a course from this program is 6 June 2017. Request to withdraw from a course after the deadline will not be accepted except extenuating circumstances, and requires the approval of Lingnan University subject to the endorsement by the Undergraduate Core Education, Academic Registry.


Contact Ms Aerica Lee of the Undergraduate Core Education, Academic Registry (Tel: 2358 5089 or Email: