Unlocking the New World of Work

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What does freedom mean to you? Is the traditional 9-to-5 models of working still applicable to us?

Greg Waldorf thought that Gen Y is the most creative and innovative generation who views technology as a gateway to more prosperous activities. According to a survey conducted by oDesk, 89% of Gen Y said they want to work whenever they choose to. As a millennial student, I think it is also crucial for us to demonstrate flexibility and adaptability at workplace and integrate personal-work lives with the help of technology. From having face-to-face meetings with project partner, to using online telecommunication applications such as Skype and Facetime to do meetings, tasks are no longer bounded by time and geography. Technology is bringing transformation and integration in our lives.

This article resonates a study by Harvard, Stanford and the University of California to show the importance for us to think ahead and be entrepreneurial. To bring this further, it is now the time for us millennials to redefine how business should be done in a more efficient way with the utility of technology. Let us take action to shape our own future work life!